The famous technology company Apple made important statements on Tuesday, September 12, including the new version of its flagship mobile phone.

The iPhone 15 series was officially introduced by the company’s CEO Tim Cook at the Wonderlust Apple Event, which brought together hundreds of media in California, USA.


There will be four versions of the iPhone 15, with improvements to its display, cameras, interface, Dynamic Island functionality, and more.

One of the new features of the equipment is universal USB-C charging port. Previously Apple Including Lightning port However, due to an order from the European Union, it had to be adapted to the specification that other manufacturers had. According to European authorities, a single charging port should be offered for all devices in order to reduce electronic waste.

HE iPhone 15, base model, It will be 6.1 inches. It will have a 48-megapixel main camera equipped with the new generation ‘portrait’ function and an A16 processor.

iPhone 15 Pro It will be worth $999 in the United States (the version with 128 GB storage), which works out to about four million Colombian pesos before taxes on entry into our country.

In his name, iPhone 15 Pro Max It will cost $1,199 (256GB storage version) in the United States. That is more than 4,700,000 Colombian pesos. Remember: value in Colombia increases due to taxes and more.

The different models will be available for pre-sale in the United States starting Friday, September 15. They will be available for purchase in this country from September 22.

However, there is still no exact date for its arrival in official stores or future marketing. Colombia.

For now, you can sign up on iShop to be notified as soon as it releases nationally. Go to the store’s website and provide your personal information such as full name, email address and the model you are interested in. Once the product is ready to be marketed in the country, you will be notified by the store to make your purchase.


Source: Exame

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