TikTok, the popular video app owned by ByteDance, has taken a bold step by partnering with Wikipedia to enrich the experience of its users.

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The purpose of this strategic cooperation Provide instant information through direct links to the famous online encyclopedia.

TikTok, known for its large young audience It has become a place not only for entertainment but also for the pursuit of knowledge. Aware of this change in the dynamics of Internet users, the social network has launched a functionality aimed at improving their access to information.

The platform enabled the inclusion of Wikipedia snippets in search results for people, places, and events. According to reports, this initiative affected various searches such as ‘The New York Times’, ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘Thanksgiving’. Border.

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The collaboration between TikTok and Wikipedia allows users to access information directly through the video platform. The feature has been in testing for several months, as confirmed by TikTok spokesperson Zachary Kizer in his statements to the aforementioned media.

Especially, Links to online encyclopedias appear in the middle of search results as users discover related images. People who click on these links are immediately directed to the content of the site.

Starting September 12, users in the US will be able to access TikTok Shop. A digital commerce experience that allows them to find and purchase products directly from the app.

The platform has enabled a special tab called ‘Shop’ where the community can shop directly. Additionally, on brands’ and creators’ profiles, users will find product catalogs, reviews from other users, and the option to initiate the purchase right there.

Regarding payment security, the social network has opted for trusted third-party services. These not only protect user data, but are also managed by the United States Digital Service (USDS).

But that’s not all; TikTok has gone a step further by offering an affiliate program that allows creators to connect with sellers and earn money from their footage.

*This content was prepared based on information received from Europa Press with the help of artificial intelligence and reviewed by the journalist and editor.

Source: Exame

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