The rise of mobile technology and the increasing convenience of ordering food through apps has changed the way people around the world satisfy their culinary cravings.

An analysis revealed that: Countries where food is ordered the most via appshighlights emerging trends in the food distribution industry.


According to Colombian gastronomy web portal ‘Corporate Colombia’, It is now very easy to order food at homeBecause, thanks to technology and different applications, you can order ready-made meals wherever you are in the city.

Some apps offer: discounts, speed, quality, bonuses, giftsAmong other offers for the user to continue using.

The most used apps to request addresses among Colombians: Rappi, DiDi food
McDonald’s,, Uber Eats
among others

The popularity of these apps is due to their convenience. Users can explore numerous restaurants, Place custom orders from your home or office and track delivery in real time. Additionally, reviews from other customers offer useful information to help you decide where to eat.

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According to ‘Statista Consumer Insights’ data, countries Asia, Europe and America They are most common when ordering food online.

In this sense, according to the survey; India, 60% Most of the respondents prefer to do their shopping online. It is followed by countries such as. South Korea and Mexico, both with 52% Those who prefer to place their orders online rather than in person.

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after mexico English leads the way in the choice of ordering food online, %49during AmericansAlthough they tend to embrace technology to make their lives easier, they are slightly lower, with 39%.

China is also on the list with 37 percent Percentage of respondents choosing to purchase groceries online. Later in another Asian country In Japan, this figure is 20%and finally, the last among the firsts, Swiss citizens with 10%, According to the results of the ‘Statista Consumer Insights’ research.

According to data provided by Statista, approximately one-third of the world’s population Choose to order food through online platforms.

These figures show that the prevalence rate of food distribution services is in Turkey. 27.4% by 2023is expected to reach and 33.33% by 2027.

Concretely, this means that in 2027 it is expected to: 2.64 billion people worldwide Reflecting the continued growth and ever-increasing popularity of this easy way to obtain food, use the online food ordering option.


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