Popular social media platform TikTok, owned by ByteDance, introduced a new feature. Users identify Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated content using tags. This measure aims to promote transparent and responsible content creation practices.

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The platform is committed to fEncourage creators’ creativity and provide users with informative context about the content they find on the platform. Last August, TikTok announced plans to develop a tool that would allow users to flag content created by artificial intelligence.

Recently, TikTok announced the start of distribution of this new tool designed to: Help creators tag their AI-generated content. Additionally, the platform is exploring methods to automatically tag AI-generated content.

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In a statement on its website, TikTok noted the “incredible creative opportunities” offered by artificial intelligence, but also emphasized the importance of informing users when content is created or edited with this technology to avoid confusion or deception.

The tool implemented by TikTok allows creators to add a label to their posts indicating that the content has been significantly modified or altered by AI.

This tag functions as follows: provides warnings to users and helps comply with TikTok’s synthetic media policies.

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To use these tags, creators must enable the tool in the settings, and when tagging a post a notification will appear in a gray box stating: “creator tagged this as created by artificial intelligence”.

TikTok also announced plans to share tutorial videos and resources in the coming weeks to help creators use these hashtags effectively.

In addition to its manual tagging tool, TikTok is testing an algorithm that will automatically tag posts with AI-generated content. This means that videos that are not tagged as AI-generated content will be analyzed by the platform, and if AI use is detected, the “AI-generated” label will be applied.


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