We’ve been told since January that the iPhone 15 Pro’s bezels will be a record discreet, almost invisible frame. I was skeptical about this, because concepts always paint a too futuristic picture.

But reality is getting closer to fantasy. And the truth was in the middle.

The frames are indeed noticeably thinner, but in official images Apple honestly shows them almost without optical illusions with sparkles and curvesas it was in the iPhone X.


There seems to be one problem. The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max in use are only 0.9 mm narrower than previous models. Almost nothing in the world.

But it seems For the first time in 4 years, the outbreak will occur in a completely new way for different reasons.

Let’s figure out what happened because of magic.

What the concepts said


For almost six months we have been bothered by our renderings with varying degrees of reliability.

The red iPhones didn’t come out, they were swollen, but the Apple Watch Ultra also had a sophisticated design.

What 9to5Mac ordered turned out to be as close to the truth as possible. The cameras, fortunately, do not stick out terribly, but the frames match.


At the same time, Apple acted very honestly. Concept designers tried to hide the black fields with highlights on the new slightly more rounded glass, but the main images honestly show the black fields without embellishment.

Too honest. On the iPhone 15 Pro page, the front panel is first visible only in the fourth block. And then, if you expand it using the key “more details

It looks like the company itself doesn’t consider the new frames to be a big advantage.

However, the difference with the previous generation is greater than it seems.

Regarding the iPhone 14 Pro, the difference is really barely noticeable

The iPhone 15 Pro screen remains absolutely the same size.

This is the same 6.1 inches of the “new generation” iPhone 14 Pro, which is actually 6.12 inches versus 6.06 inches for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. Apple didn’t even round any corners like they did before.

That is, a moving island, and we continue to block widescreen video.

That’s why the iPhone 15 Pro got lost 1.9% area, iPhone 15 Pro Max only 1.7%. Numbers funnyYes.

But Apple has long chosen a tactic that changes a little every year.

When the main conversation is about differences from previous models, footnotes pop up in unexpected places on the page: “70% faster than the iPhone 12 Pro,” “twice as close as the iPhone 12 Pro Max,” “works for 9 hours.” more”. iPhone 12 Pro Max.”

An audience that is seriously thinking about upgrading is clear.

It’s so interesting to see how the smartphone has become sleeker from year to year.

iPhone 11 Pro is now bigger than iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is 71.4mm wide, while the iPhone 15 Pro is 70.6mm wide.

The iPhone 12 Pro is 71.5mm wide, while the iPhone 15 Pro is 70.6mm wide.

The iPhone 14 Pro has a width of 71.5 mm, and the iPhone 15 Pro has a width of 70.6 mm.

When I was recording the cases of higher-end iPhones over the past 5 years, I came across a couple of interesting things.

Everyone complains that every year there is “nothing new,” but we have reached the point where, with the same external device, a 6.1-inch smartphone from 2023 fits better in the hand than a 5.8-inch smartphone from 2019.

Let’s look at Apple smartphones with OLED screens:

iPhone x: 70.9 mm

iPhone 11 pro: 71.4 mm
iPhone 12 pro: 71.5 mm
iPhone 13 pro: 71.5 mm
iPhone 14 pro: 71.5 mm
iPhone 15 pro: 70.6 mm

iPhone xs max: 77.4 mm

iPhone 11 pro max: 77.8 mm
iPhone 12 pro max: 78.1 mm
iPhone 13 pro max: 78.1 mm
iPhone 14 pro max: 77.6 mm
iPhone 15 pro max: 76.7 mm

There is a 6.1‑inch iPhone 15 Pro and a 6.7‑inch iPhone 15 Pro Max – the narrowest Apple smartphones of the new era. And this despite the fact that their screens are larger than the 5.8-inch iPhone X and the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max.

The difference in height is not so noticeable, but there is one plus. Using the thin thin edge to reach the corner with the control point, now everything is also easier.

Easier than it seems

While I was preparing the comparison, I came across an interesting observation. Reviews say that the smartphone too much Lost a lot of weight, supposedly more than Apple claimed.

Although the difference in grams between the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro is only 9% (187 versus 206 grams), weight plays a big role in the sensations.

Due to the fact that the frame has become lighter, voltage is now more concentrated inside the device.


This requires effort to hold the structure, and the phone is easier to balance in the palm.

Imagine what is easier to hold: a steel frame or an electrical box with the same dense filling?

Conditions and basic models without Pro prefixes are the only ones that are weightless. Their heaviness is visible inside, and not around the perimeter. There is simply nowhere to outweigh.

Now Apple has used 4 clever tricks at once

Source: Apple

The iPhone 15 Pro feels significantly better in the hand than the iPhone 14 Pro thanks to these design changes:

  • The device itself is slightly thicker
  • Narrower frames
  • Titanium frame reduces weight by 9%
  • Edges are more streamlined
  • The effect wouldn’t work if Apple only did one thing. However, these circumstances significantly worsen ergonomics.

    The company probably did not exaggerate when it announced this at the presentation in the very first minutes of the announcement of the iPhone 15 Pro.

    If you’re concerned that a larger battery makes it more comfortable to hold your smartphone, take your iPhone 12 without a battery case or MagSafe with it.

    The rounded shape of the module and deeper fit give more points of support in the palm. Just remember how nice it is to hold the iPhone 11 Pro. Let me remind you that it has a battery (8.1 mm) almost like the iPhone 15 Pro (8.25 mm).

    And that’s why the first reviews are so positive. Apple wisely took upon itself the entire range of design decisions in order to once again sell its flagship at record speed.

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