In recent months, there has been talk that the world’s eighth continent will be discovered. This was discovered later that year, according to the BBC. 2017 It is known by a group of geologists that 94% of this ‘new continent’ is completely under water. for about 23 million years.


With new discoveries, advancement of technology and wars faced by different countries, cities They have gone through various changesA situation that can be proven online. If you’ve ever wondered what a place on earth was like long before you were born, take a look at the following pages.

If you’ve ever wondered what the world looked like before humanity existed, you can check it out here. interactive pageIdeal for curious children and teachers who want to teach How continents separated over time.

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The official page explains that the site was created with Paleo DB, a scientific database compiled by different paleontologists over the last two decades. There I was able to observe the planet from different angles with the help of my mouse.

This application allows you to virtually explore any corner of planet Earth, this can be achieved through satellite images and cartographic dataTherefore, you can get a 3D modeling made by Google that allows you to see the vast majority of cities in relief.

Your location can be so precise that you can search by addresses or the names of different capitals, Can calculate distances between two points on the map, and can view the weather in real time.

It also has the tool called. ‘Time lapse’It allows us to observe the changes that the world’s streets have undergone from year to year. From 1984 to 2022This is achieved through image compilations.

This platform allows you to explore the map of the past, as they explain on their website, when you enter the site, you need to click on the search button, there you can enter the country or city you want, after finding the result, you can enlarge the screen for more detailed observation.

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Also, there is the option ‘Timeline’This allows you to make a more precise search and on the right you can see maps of the same place from other years. The more specific that area is, the more images you can get.

The mapping on this website was made by the company Esri. Allows you to view imagesAccording to the website, is updated periodicallyWhen replaced with new photos, previous ones cannot be displayed again, It is worth noting that this applies to current years.

You can also use the timeline at the top left so you can explore previous years, there you will be presented with a preview of the old photo, when you select the date you want you will be able to see it together. bigger version

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