In most cases, photos need to be taken at a specific time, and there is no shortage of objects or people that can be found in an almost perfect photo. To eliminate these intruders, many people believe that high-end programs must be used and even an ordinary person cannot do this.

Now, with the advancement of apps and the use of artificial intelligence (AI), tools have been created to edit photos and leave them as polished as possible.

SnapEdit: It is an application that uses artificial intelligence and with a few simple taps you can eliminate unwanted people/objects without reducing the quality of the photos.

With it, you can even remove watermarks and easily erase logos, text or icons by tapping or erasing with a pen.

BG.Studio: In this case the tool meets the same requirements; Remove objects or people from photos to keep the images intact and look as authentic as possible.

This option, like the previous option, is also available for Android and iOS, in addition to being a free download.

To start editing, you first need to upload images to the “Upload Image” frame, then you can select the elements or objects you don’t want to remain in the photo.

Finally, through the use of artificial intelligence, the system will determine what it needs to eliminate and continue to do so. Finally, make sure there are no shadows or edges that could hide the print.

All that’s left is to download the pre-edited photo to upload to your networks. print or use as you wish.

Source: Exame

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