A small aircraft belonging to the Air Force, the T-90 of the Marco Fidel Suárez Military Aviation School, He had an accident northeast of Cali. The incident caused chaos between 7th and 8th Avenues, near 26th Street.

The accident occurred between 7.15 and 7.30 in the morning on October 3. The pilot of the training plane died. The student was seriously injured.

3 fire trucks and an ambulance carrying 35 people were dispatched to the scene. People were running around to find help.

According to aid agencies, the case was recorded precisely at Carrera 8 and Calle 26 in the neighborhood of Jorge Isaacs. The site includes houses and buildings such as a clothing warehouse.


According to eyewitnesses, there were people from the community who tried to help and rescue the crew. They asked the vehicle drivers for fire extinguishers, but some of them continued on their way without cooperating. There was rejection due to lack of solidarity.

A citizen named Diego Osorio said, “Obviously there are heartless people, we told many people to stop, we asked if they had fire extinguishers to put out the fire, but people did not understand and continued.” a way to save the lives of the pilot and co-pilot.

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“I’m happy because, not to brag, but we managed to save someone’s life.” This citizen said he saw the pilot die with burns.

The report so far indicates one death. His name was stated to be Captain Hánner Sánchez Mora.

Cali Security Minister Jimmy Dranguet confirmed the death and said the other person was transported to the Los Remedios clinic in northern Cali. The co-pilot was a student at the Air Force Base 32 blocks away.

According to the mayor of Cali, the plane would be used by the Institute for training purposes and would take off from an Air Force base located very near where it crashed in the middle of a public road. As seen in the images shared on social networks, it was to be a T90 type Air Force flight training aircraft.

Source: Exame

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