Resources this Saturday night The National Police confirmed to EL TIEMPO that three generals left the line of command.

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Called to rate services General Tito Yesid Castellanos, Deputy Chief of Police.

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Also general Carlos Triana and General Carlos Rojas, who served as Inspector GeneralChief of Police Department.

Police officers with careers spanning over 25 years left the force tonight.

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General Salamanca informed the new leadership of the Colombian Police of the change in the sub-directorate, but he must adapt to the positions in the Inspection and Police Service.

“Based on the National Government’s guidelines and institutional dynamics,
of history The current director of the Counter-Narcotics is Brigadier General Nicolás
Alejandro Zapata Restrepo is the deputy general manager of the institution.
The police reported the situation in a statement.

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Accordingly, it was confirmed that “the current deputy director general is Mr. Brigadier General Tito Yesi Castellanos Tuay; the inspector general is Mr. Brigadier General Carlos Fernando Triana Beltrán; and the national head of the police force is Mr. Brigadier General”. Carlos Humberto Rojas Pabón, “they cease to belong to the command line”

On a third point, he states the following: “We express our full appreciation and gratitude to the generals for their extraordinary service to the country.”“.

General Nicolás Zapata was born in Medellín, had been in the Police force for 31 years and was a Police commander in Cartagena.

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The officer is a police administrator and has a degree in security from the University of Chile; He had been working as the Anti-Narcotics Branch Manager since May. His resume includes 198 congratulations and 78 decorations.

Police sources responded to this environment by saying that the changes “Deliver results and strengthen citizen safety“.

Likewise, General Sandra Patricia Hernández was approved as commander of the Bogota Metropolitan Police.

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The police are left with 12 generals and are waiting for 10 new brigadier generals to be promoted in December.

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