Smuggled Samsung phones to be seized in order to combat illegal imports of mobile devices into Mexico blocked in country.

This measure, which Works to protect the company’s intellectual property rights and promoting legality in the electronic device market has raised concerns among people who own Samsung phones in Mexico.


According to the information shared by the South Korean company, the blocking of phones imported irregularly and marketed in Mexican territory will begin in 2019. 11 October 2023.

The measure will affect all models activated in the region. last three weeksTo ensure compliance with local regulations and to protect the safety of users.

In this sense, Samsung stated that it is determined to implement this action to remove activated smartphones from the gray market. In Mexico after September 21, 2023.

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Moreover, The company will offer a 30% discount coupon to those affected It is valid until December 31 of this year and allows them to purchase a new device at a discounted price.

To get the coupon, Users should contact 800 SAMSUNG (72 67 864).Select the asterisk option, provide the IMEI number of the locked device and enjoy the discount on your next purchase.

Although Samsung did not specify the approximate number of consumers affected by this measure, it is part of the company’s broader efforts to ensure legality in the mobile device market in Mexico.

Mexican Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) said that devices detected on the gray market Activated from September 21, 2023 will be deactivated. To check whether your device will be blocked or not, you should consider the following points:

These are indicators that will help users determine whether their Samsung devices are at risk of being blocked in Mexico.

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The use of a device manufactured to work in another country may negative consequencesAccording to Samsung:


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Source: Exame

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