Television is perhaps one of the most easily damaged devices in the home. Just one carelessness while cleaning is enough to accidentally damage the screen of this device. That’s exactly what happened to a young woman in Chile. But the way he tries to “repair” the device is the most curious thing.
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In a video on her account on the social network TikTok, the woman described what happened to her on television and the special method she found to fix the damage.

In the viral clip, the user who identified herself as @la.freidora on the short video platform explained that she was cleaning her devices and noticed a protective plastic when she started cleaning the television. He began to carefully remove it. But it turns out that plastic is an essential part of the television screen.

The woman said she stopped when she realized she shouldn’t continue removing the plastic, but the damage was already done.

Worried, the young woman searched for some adhesive tape and pieced together the broken pieces of the screen as best she could.

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The incident that happened to this woman caused various reactions from internet users.

“It’s like when I take out my contact lens and I don’t have it…it fell out!! It was squeezing my conjunctiva!”, “haha, you weren’t the only one, this happened.” me and mika on the washing machine panel, I removed the lens because I believed it was a protective film, it doesn’t have a button anymore”, while some commented “Get glasses so only you will be able to see the TV”.


Source: Exame

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