A tragic incident occurred in the north of the capital on the morning of Thursday, October 26th. A double murder that occurred in the middle of a public road left two people dead, Father and son attacked with a firearm by a man on a motorcycle at 183rd and Ninth Avenue.


The 55-year-old man driving was identified as Carlos Ernesto Gaviria. BMW license plates DDU187. He was a lawyer by profession and was apparently in the car with his son at the time of the events.

Although the cause of the events and the official report prepared by investigators in the field are not yet known, EL TIEMPO was apparently able to determine that the minor had sustained at least one gunshot wound He is one of the seven people directed to the car in which he was found with lawyer Gaviria.

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Although Gaviria did not report any criminal record or outstanding debt to the justice system, he was involved in a legal process. was sued by a third party on the grounds that it did not comply with the arbitration decision regarding the sale of shares for more than 159 million pesos.

At that time, a judge from the 14th Court of Cali ordered the seizure of his assets. However, since this process was carried out irregularly, Gaviria filed a criminal complaint against the judge. This legal process was fought between 2010 and 2020.

According to documents reviewed by EL TIEMPO, the man is apparently linked to another judicial proceeding opened at the Supreme Court of Justice on January 16 this year. According to the information, Carlos Ernesto Gaviria Camacho would file a lawsuit with the Civil Division of the Supreme Court of the Judicial District of Bogotá.

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Likewise, this man’s name appeared in a communication from the Government Secretariat regarding a police complaint in 2014 and was combined with another dated 2015, when a conciliation process for a complaint was being carried out as part of the coexistence process. It was closed by 11 police inspectors in December 2022.


Source: Exame

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