The best Safari extensions for iPhone, iPad and Mac

We share various Safari extensions to block ads, translate content, and protect privacy.

Safari lets you install very useful extensions

We recently shared an interesting tutorial on how to manage Safari extensions on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to separate their use in different Safari profiles or prevent them from being activated only on certain websites. Now we return to the challenge with a compilation. The best Safari extensions for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Some are really useful!

These extensions for Safari add useful features to the default web browser on iPhone and iPad and are also available in the Mac App Store. increase productivity, security and privacyamong others.

  • What are Safari extensions
  • The best Safari extensions for iPhone, iPad and Mac
    • AdBlock Pro
    • Turn out the lights
    • PiPifier
    • 1Password
    • Return Machine
    • pocket
  • How to add extensions to Safari
  • How to manage Safari extensions

What are Safari extensions

Safari app extensions are add-ons that allow: Add additional features to Apple’s web browser On devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac.

They are available as apps on the App Store and are extremely simple to install. You just have to accept certain permissions and choose the settings you want To start automatically, from Settings

The most popular Safari extensions let you use these features:

  • Translate web content.
  • Block ads and commercials.
  • Manage passwords on websites.
  • Add shortcuts.
  • Configure cookies and privacy.

The best Safari extensions for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Below we’re sharing a selection of the best Safari extensions you can download from the iPhone, iPad and Mac App Store.

AdBlock Pro

AdBlock Pro and AdGuard are the two best Safari extensions to block ads. Additionally, AdBlock Pro also includes privacy features to prevent data tracking. Removes ads on websites, YouTube video ads (Safari), web redirects, pop-ups and more. Highly recommended.

Turn out the lights

This interesting Safari extension is designed, as the name suggests, to turn off the lights while you’re playing multimedia content. So, he is responsible darken the white tones of the screen except video playback. It is a function that you can also activate with the dark mode of iOS, iPadOS and macOS, but it provides faster access in Safari with this extension.


PiPifier is one of the vital Safari extensions for many Mac users, allowing you to play any video in Picture-in-Picture mode (thumbnail layer) via a small icon in the toolbar. Compatible with Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and other major platforms.


1Password has one of the most useful extensions for Safari. the option Quickly access stored passwords Create passwords on your device and instantly. It also allows you to save software licenses and other security information.

Return Machine

Wayback Machine is one of the few App Store extensions that will literally let you travel back in time. A very interesting application that can browse older versions of a website. Compatible with Mac only.


Pocket app extension allows you to view any content on a website. read or play later. It’s pretty convenient and doesn’t require you to exit Safari every time you use it.

How to add extensions to Safari

Follow these steps to download extensions in Safari on your iPhone and iPad. You can find more extensions on your Mac at: Safari > Settings > Extensions.

  • pops up Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Then access the section Safari.
  • Search for the section and enter Extensions.
  • Press “More extensions” To go to the App Store.

Important: Enabling extensions functionality requires opening the app and accepting its permissions.

How to manage Safari extensions

Configuring Safari extensions on iPhone and iPad gives you the ability to change their behavior on specific websites or other Safari features, such as new user profiles.

  • pops up Safari on your iPhone and iPad.
  • press the button Ah From the URL bar.
  • Click on option Manage extensions.
Safari Extensions

Safari extensions in iOS 17

Everything you need to know so far Safari extensions for iPhone, iPad and Mac. These are really useful add-ons that will allow you to make the most of your time and the potential of Apple’s web browser. Which is your favorite extension?

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