IN Monday 30 October Apple’s second fall presentation will take place. The logo and main slogan of the event is “Terribly fast” (“Scarily fast”) opaquely hint at new products that can be seen at the presentation.

We, as usual, have collected all the rumors, rumors and leaks in one article and are trying to guess as accurately as possible what to expect from Apple at the upcoming event.

1. New M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max processors.

▶ Analysts believe that Apple’s next generation ARM processors will be the highlight of the upcoming presentation. Cook and company can talk about all the innovations and changes in the new chips and only then show the updated models of computers running them.

▶ New processors will be made using a 3-nanometer process technology. As before, the power of the new chips can increase by 15-25% in performance with processors. Apple M2.

▶ But the processor is waiting Apple M3 Ultra with higher performance for this generation, such a chip could be revealed in early 2024.

2. M3 iMac

Such a desktop update was requested last year after the release of the chip M2. It seems that weak devices forced the Cupertino team to switch to a two-year model update cycle. Analysts expect a new model at the next presentation Apple.

▶ The main changes to the 2023 iMac will be the transition to processors M3. This significantly increases the performance of your computer.

▶ The design of the models does not change, but new body colors may appear.

▶ The internal components of the elements will change, but fundamentally new computer modules will not be obtained.

▶ There are risks that the Cupertino team will show increased 32″ model iMac.

The update will be a logical development of the line for those who need a productive candy bar with a high-quality display.

3. MacBook Pro 14″/16″ on M3 Pro/Max processors

Updated professional Apple laptops are coming out with more powerful and productive new products.

▶ The main and possibly minor changes in computers will be the transition to new productive chips. There are no rumors or other changes to the MacBook Pro.

▶ Photo boxes of a new model are offered online.

▶ It is expected that it will be possible to buy the presented new products already November 8.

4. Updated accessories with Type-C.

The active phase of the transition to Type-C began with the presentation of the iPhone 15 line. At the same time, the updated AirPods Pro headset with a new connector appeared.

Updated Mac accessories are expected at the upcoming event: Magic keyboard, Magic mouse And Magic trackpad with USB-C connectors instead of Lightning.

What won’t be shown at the presentation on October 30

Several expected Cupertino devices and gadgets will most likely be presented next year.

Smart speaker with display. Rumors about the emergence of a new version HomePod with displays for a long time, and in a recent test build TVOS 17 found the components to start the system Ipad mini. Analysts suggest that Apple is actively testing a new speaker with a hood, but the gadget should not be expected until spring 2024.

MacBook Pro 13″ on M3. With a high degree of probability, Apple will not abandon the appearance of the 13-inch firmware and will continue to update the hardware in this model. But now the developers are not yet ready to put such a computer into mass production. Analysts believe that MacBook Pro 13″ I’ll get a new M3 processor, but next year.

New MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Studio and Mac Pro models. These devices were already updated at the beginning of the year and at the summer presentation of WWDC 2023, and the next update can only be expected in the summer of 2024.

Budget MacBook 12/13″. A similar device is rumored to be actively being developed at Apple. There are no detailed technical specifications, but they promise a very pleasant price tag at the level 700 US dollars. The computer will help attract an audience that is no longer actively buying iPads. But you can wait for a budget MacBook only in the second hour of 2024.

New iPad models, with a high degree of probability, they will show this only in the spring. This is evidenced by rumors and analyst forecasts.

AirPods Max with USB-C. Such a headset, according to forecasts, should also be expected next year along with updated headphones AirPods 4.

Share your expectations about the upcoming Apple presentation in the comments.

Source: Iphones RU

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