Samsung introduced the new ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace technology for its 200MP lens, which allows users to make automatic tracking recordings of moving objects.

South Korean company aims to improve videographic experience 200MP image sensorIt allows users to record in detail while enjoying the scene in real time.

ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace technology is powered by Qualcomm’s artificial intelligence engine and allows objects to be quickly and automatically tracked while recording, even if they are moving quickly.

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This technology eliminates the need for users to focus on manually tracking an object while recording, which causes jerky movements on the screen.

The ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace system also offers dual recording functionality, allowing you to capture the entire scene and a specific area within that space simultaneously.

This feature gives you the ability to zoom in on a specific area of ​​the video without compromising the rest of the frame, all in high resolution up to 4K. “ISOCELL Zoom Anyplace has the ability to record not only an enlarged area but also the entire frame simultaneously”explained Samsung.

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The technology supports zooming in or out in any direction, allowing users to adjust the recording according to their needs. Even if an object is at the edge of the screen, you can zoom in to get it closer without changing the viewing angle of the entire area.

200 MP wide-angle sensor allows X2 and X4 zoom It provides a realistic and detailed recording experience without loss of quality or change in viewing angle.

Additionally, Samsung emphasized that End-to-End (E2E) AI Remosaic technology reduces image processing time and improves video display quality by changing the video data output process from sequential to parallel.

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