This Thursday, on Halloween night, there was a significant development in the hitman case in which an identified man emerged. Jéferson González He was killed in the middle of a residential street in the municipality of Soacha, adjacent to the south of Bogotá. He was holding his three-year-old daughter’s hand.

Soacha Metropolitan Police confirmed the incident occurred in the morning hours of 2 November. The suspect of the murder was caught.

Other details were also known about the apparent reasons for the crime and the person behind it.

The victim’s relative told night owl On that fateful day when CityTv’s Jéferson González picked up his daughter from her grandparents’ house around 6:30 pm to go collecting candy on the occasion of Halloween night.

González, 29, had just returned to Soacha after working in Medellín. He was returning with the intention of accompanying his daughter to the October 31 celebrations.

However, a few minutes later, he was attacked with a firearm while holding the little girl by the hand on the street. Covering his head with a hooded jacket, the shooter shot his victim in cold blood, receiving more bullets when the victim fell to the ground.

This Thursday morning, the Soacha Metropolitan Police confirmed to the media that they had captured the alleged perpetrator of the murder after searching a property in the municipality of Soacha.

The arrest of this person, who was arrested for allegedly carrying a gun after a traumatic weapon and ammunition were found in the house he was in and searched, has not yet become legal.

Moreover, The black motorcycle on which those responsible were allegedly supposed to escape after committing the crime was found.

Prosecutor’s Office sources confirmed that it is estimated that this person was the person who shot at EL TIEMPO and Efforts are continuing to find the perpetrator, who is thought to be a foreign national.and a third person driving the motorcycle on which they fled the scene was involved in the incident.

Considering the information gathered by the authorities, it appears that this is a personal matter. This seems to indicate that the underage boy’s mother will be dating a stranger. It is believed that the woman intended to return to the girl’s father, which would incur the wrath of the alleged mastermind.

However, it has not yet been confirmed whether this man is responsible for the murder of González, who was called “honest and hard-working” by his relatives.

Colonel Diego Fernando Vásquez Arguello stated that a property located in the same municipality was registered “thanks to the support and coordination of a prosecutor from the homicide brigade of the Cundinamarca prosecutor’s office, through the Sijín and the Criminal Investigation Unit.” Ciudad Latina neighborhood.

Authorities arrived at a three-story house with white bars on all the windows, and once inside they found several seized items: two mobile phones, a traumatic gun, ammunition and what is believed to be the motorcycle on which the shooter escaped.

The suspect, whose identity has not yet been determined, is believed to be the man inside the house.


Source: Exame

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