A family traveling on the La Vega – Bogotá highway experienced painful moments. Just as they were stopped on the road and trying to puncture one of the vehicle’s tires, the men blocked them with firearms.

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A couple traveling with their six-month-old son had to stop in the El Chuscal area of ​​Cundinamarca to repair a tire. Immediately, the subjects, who appeared to be foreign nationals, appeared and attacked them. kenttv.

The criminal accused frightened them and forced them to get into the vehicle. “At that moment when they kidnapped us, I felt like everything was already lost,” the victim said.

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The family was taken to a forested area along the road corridor, where the men took the opportunity to abandon them and escape with the car and its valuables.

“They leave us with my wife and 6-month-old baby. They say nothing will happen to us.”

Special, They stole their car, three mobile phones, computers and money. All this adds up to more than 40 million pesos.

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Hoping that judicial investigations will enable the identification of those responsible, the victim said, “Female officials, you do not have a picture on the wall, you are there to use your authority. There is a police checkpoint near the place where the incident took place.”

3,888 car thefts were reported in Cundinamarca, including Bogota, between January and September 2023According to figures from the National Police. At the Colombian level, 8,055 vehicles were stolen.

If your car or any of your belongings are stolen, you must immediately file a criminal complaint with the police or prosecutor’s office. You can do this in person or virtually at the official pages of adenunciar.policia.gov.co and https://sicecon.fiscalia.gov.co/denuncia/ingresoPrincipal. There you must report the license plate, color and other information.

Likewise, it is recommended to contact the car insurer to warn about theft. You can also cancel registration to avoid paying taxes on a stolen car.

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*According to the news of Citynoticias journalist Nicole Romero

Source: Exame

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