Manufactured products company Tecnoglass helped rebuild the physical plant Las Flores Regional Educational Institute. A public school in Barranquilla that hosts more than a thousand students.

With the mission of helping to transform the neighborhoods around the factory located in the capital Atlántico, Las Flores, Siape and La Playa, different projects have been implemented around the social fabric where its interest in education stands out.

In 2022, the company and the mayor’s office remodeled the school and committed to help improve and improve the quality of education of that institution through the ‘Tecnoglass Foundation’. because in the Saber 11 overall test it received 226 points out of 500.

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For this purpose, Barranquilla’s former education minister Karen Abudinen conducted a study. Evaluation process to eliminate the deficiencies of 26 11th grade students and work on them according to the result. That’s why the organization has invested in hiring new instructors who will contribute to improving each student’s learning.

“With support from Boston International School, the focus was on maths, science and critical reading, and a voluntary agreement was made with students and their parents committing to accompany their children’s qualifications in exams from August to January.” statement of the organization.

The initiative apparently yielded results after the school rector Claudia Castañeda, who came to the institution last year to strengthen this laboratory, announced the IED. Las Flores eventually managed to improve by 36 points in the test.

This is news that is of great benefit to the institution because the average of public schools in Colombia is 249 points and an average of 257 points in Barranquilla alone. The Las Flores school reached 261 points, above the national average.

Castañeda told the students: “This is my fourth school as principal and we are making progress in every aspect. The first school gained two points, the second one point, etc., but here they gained 36 points in a single year.” .

Senior students of ‘Las Flores’ They managed to score eight more points above the national average. It shows that public-private partnership in education is an investment and that it is possible to take students to higher levels as long as investment is made.

The Foundation aims to elevate the institution to Category A+. It is stated that the eight people who had the best averages in the tests and scored over 330 points will benefit from the scholarships of the aid plan, which supports the education of more than 300 young people from Barranquilla and supports the education of more than 100 young people today. 2,000 during his career.


Source: Exame

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