Libertarian economist Javier Milei will be president of Argentina starting next December 10. In a historic second round that left the country in limbo and was decided by a much larger margin than expected, La Libertad Avanza’s candidate defeated Sergio Massa, who conceded defeat before the results were known.

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According to official information, 99.28 In the % of tables counted, Javier Milei received 55.69% of the votes and Sergio Massa received 44.30%.

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This Sunday’s election turnout may be slightly higher than in the general election, where 77.6 percent of voters cast ballots. While participation was 76% by 18:00 (local time), this number is predicted to increase by a few points..

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“There was a two country project. “Today confirms that Argentina has a transparent and robust democratic system that always respects the results,” Massa said.

The Minister of Economy spoke to his opponent and congratulated him. “He is the president chosen by the Argentines,” he said. And he added: “The onus is on Milei to ensure certainty from tomorrow.”

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*With agency information

Source: Exame

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