In 2016, the famous American technology brand Apple was launched for the first time iPhone SE is the ‘cheap’ version of mobile phonesIt is known to have the highest prices on the market.


However, according to dedicated YouTube channel ‘Apple Disclosure’, the SE has a better processor than most Androids over $1000. This is because most of its internal parts come from previous models. For example, the second generation iPhone SE’s screen was the same as the iPhone 8, and its camera was the same as the iPhone 7.

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The brand has already confirmed this The fourth generation of iPhone SE will be released in 2024and there are already numerous tech portals collecting rumors about the new features of the ‘mid-range’ iPhone.

According to ‘Xataka Móvil’, here’s the first leak on what a jump in design for the SE would mean: The ‘Home’ button will eventually disappearTo feature the touchscreen across the entire front of the handset, as has been done on the high-end series since the iPhone X.

On the other hand, a report from MacRumors claims: The SE 2024 case will be a modified design of the iPhone 14Aluminum and glass backplate maintaining the same dimensions. This represents a larger and more robust model than the SE 2022 and is a far cry from the ‘Mini’ version, which was discontinued following its launch in the iPhone 13 generation.

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The rumor that surprised the brand’s followers the most was this: Rear camera with the same sensor as iPhone 15, but only with a 24mm lens. Additionally, due to the demand of the company, this mobile phone will also have a USB-C port.

Regarding the chip, ‘Xataka Móvil’ thinks: A16 Bionic The new SE has the best chance of having a processor, as it is unlikely to feature the most modern, namely the A17 of the 15 Pro and the 15 Pro Max.

Finally, the brand’s most loyal followers believe that the iPhone SE 2024 will arrive. It will be released between March and April next yearBecause the previous three models reached stores on these dates.

However, it is important to make it clear that All of the above are based on rumors and leaks, not information confirmed by Apple.So any changes can happen at the last minute.


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