At different times of the year, especially at Christmas, many people look for a different gift to give to their children or simply to reward themselves.

One of these is the drone, which is a remote-controlled aircraft, according to the United States Federal Aviation Administration. It is estimated that more than a million drones have now been sold in this country.

These small drones for home use have become indispensable for people. They enjoy taking videos or photos from above, In addition to being used as a security element for land and farms.

However, there are many doubts when purchasing one as there are several of these elements on the market with different features, so it is important for you to take into consideration. This guide will help you make the best decision.

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According to the ‘AARP’ portal, there are three types of rdon, the abbreviations of which you will find next to the model and which can be RTF. -ready to fly-, Spanish ready to fly, BNF –tie and fly, ready for binding and ARF –almost ready to fly-almost ready to fly

Please note that RTF drones come packaged with all their parts and you need to charge them before use. This is a good option if this is the first drone you buy. because they are not very expensive and there are some lightweight ones too. Hubsan X4 (H107L) It can be found on virtual platforms for $291,000.

Similarly, you will find other smaller models such as RTF. parrot Bebop, It can be controlled with a mobile phone on platforms starting from 1,840,000 Colombian Pesos and has a 14 megapixel camera.

BNFs have a remote control where the user is given instructions for the drone to move. There are examples like this Nano QX BNF price starts at $219,000 pesos.

ARFs sometimes need accessories to fly, such as batteries and rotors; These include the following models: Quanum Outlawder 270 Carbon Fiber Quadcopter, Its price on the platforms starts from one million pesos.

According to the United States Federal Aviation Administration, the lightest drones are drones that weigh about four pounds, while the heaviest commercial drones are drones that weigh 55 pounds.

According to the aforementioned portal, the heavier the drone, the more its price will increase. You should also remember that lightweight drones have a harder time fighting against strong winds.

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To enjoy the drone working longer, it is recommended to purchase an extra charger as well as an additional battery because most drones do not charge fast enough with the factory charger.

RAC 91 is the regulation for drones in Colombia, which states:

All information regarding the regulations can be found at the following civil aviation link: 20Flight% 20ve%20of%20Operasyon %C3%B3n.pdf


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Source: Exame

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