victory Javier Milei in Argentina reignited the conflict on social networks between the president Gustavo Petro and his Salvadoran counterpart Nayib Bukele. When the Colombian president lamented the libertarian victory, Bukele reacted sarcastically, and now it is the President’s daughter, Sofia Petro, who has come forward to defend her father.

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“Say it now without crying”After Gustavo Petro expressed his disappointment with the election results in Argentina, the Central American country’s president wrote: “The far right won in Argentina; that’s society’s decision. It’s sad for Latin America and we’ll see… neoliberalism now has an impact on society.” “It has no proposal, it cannot respond to the current problems of humanity,” he said. .

Following Bukele’s comment, Sofia Petro quoted the message on account X and wrote: “Think about those 30,000 missing people they want to erase again today and it makes you cry. Unless one has some memory or heart left”.

Petro’s response refers to the number of people disappeared during the last Argentine dictatorship (1976-1983) According to human rights organizations. According to the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons (CONADEP), a figure that Argentina’s president-elect denies, assuring that it is actually 8,753″.

In a brief communication, the State Department first congratulated “the Argentine people” for their active participation on election day “as a sign of their commitment to democratic practices.” Then the message came directly to Milei.

“Colombia congratulates president-elect Javier Milei and expresses its determination to work to continue deepening the bonds of friendship and cooperation that guide the relations of the two nations,” reads a statement from Álvaro Leyva’s portfolio.

Gustavo Petro wrote a second message in which he appreciated the victory of the La Libertad Avanza leader: “Relations between Colombia and Argentina and ties between peoples will be maintained within the framework of mutual respect. Congratulations to Milei. “And we expect evaluations from progressive Argentines that will allow the people of Latin America to learn from history,” he said.

Juan Pablo Penagos Ramirez

Source: Exame

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