Currently and for several years, Making calls is just a small part of the many functions a mobile phone has.. Modern devices now come with cameras, social networks, music players, video games and streaming platforms. streamingAlong with video editors, calculator, flashlight and countless other functions, it promises users to have everything they need in their pockets.


For this reason, Google Chrome, one of the most used browsers in the world, launched its mobile version years ago. However, a recent news has worried internet users: Google Chrome will stop working on some mobile phones.

The situation is not new and Complies with compatibility limits imposed by each application update.. However, it is important for frequent users to check that their device meets the basic requirements to continue using Chrome.

If your mobile phone uses Android operating system, Check if it works with Android 7 or Nougat. Both these operating systems and their predecessors only have compatibility with version 119 of Google Chrome, but They will not be able to run on the following updates.

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The browser may not stop working completely, but the navigation and security features offered by the platform will be affected on devices with these operating systems installed.

To check your Android operating system version, you need to go to your phone settings and select ‘About phone’ and then ‘Software information’ or ‘OS version’. This window will show you which version you have installed..

In case your device is one of those that will lose access to Chrome or you just want to explore new options, You can look for alternative browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge or Safari (only available for Apple devices).

(More information: Google Chrome alternatives for web browsers).

If no browser works for you, perhaps the best option is to consider replacing your mobile phone with a slightly more modern browser.


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