How to create emojis with AI on iPhone and iPad to share on WhatsApp?

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own custom emoji? Now is your time.

Newji allows you to create emojis with artificial intelligence

We tried Newji. An App Store app specifically designed for you to create your own emojis. Newji is available completely free on iOS, iPadOS and macOS. That’s why it’s good to take good care of it. In theory, the app the ability to create any emoji you can imagine. The sky is the limit!

With Newji it is possible to create literally any emoji you want. From a frog in a wizard’s hat to a mouse with sunglasses and a pierced ear. Power to imagination. Newji uses its own system productive artificial intelligence And the results are amazing.

Best of all? You’ll be able to share emojis you create on your iPhone with other users across major messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and… yes, it also the option to create stickers for Apple’s native messaging app, Messages. Will you join us to discover how this interesting and fun application works?

Newji: Artificial intelligence in the most social space, or how to create your own emoji from iPhone

There are many applications for creating stickers and emojis in the App Store, but Newji includes a service that many cannot adapt to their development infrastructure. Of course we are talking about this artificial intelligence.

How does it work?

You don’t need to manually draw your drawings, outline an emoji, or even crop images to create your own emojis with this fun app. Newji takes care of all this automatically generating emojis with artificial intelligence. Just write a text describing the emoji you want to create!

Download Newji

Newji has a user interface with an extremely simple design. Like the handling mechanics, wow. But it also includes lots of creativity and fun touches of humor This makes it a unique app on the App Store.

The emoji creator app we recommend today is available on iPhone and iPad. It is free and 10 emoji limit You can expand it by watching ads. However, if you want to create more emojis without seeing ads, there are in-app purchases.

Create emojis like there’s no tomorrow!

The history of emojis tells us An impressive evolution since its birth in 1997 It is owned by SoftBank. Today, their appearance has changed so much that they even come to life in the form of Memoji. However, iPhone and iPad users cannot always find the emoji we are looking for…

That’s why we decided to test Newji to create emojis that are not available on iPhone and iPad. For example, Did you know that Apple hasn’t designed an emoji for the iPad yet? Well, we tried…


Although the result is not the most ideal in the world, the app will allow you to create another similar emoji on your iPhone. Each time you press the button, another version of the emoji will be created. what you describe. You can’t imagine how many times we’ve tried to create a suitable paella emoji!


We also tried this with a guy eating pizza…


…And even a lion with a King’s crown! You can create absolutely any emoji you can think of.


We actually wanted to test the capabilities of Newji’s generative AI with Dragon Ball.


And the results aren’t bad at all!


Of course, the application also has its limitations… 😅


How to share your emoji creations on Messages and WhatsApp

Newji application a very useful way to share the emojis you create on other messaging applications and social networks. Unfortunately, Doesn’t work properly on WhatsApp. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to do this later.

Once you create your emoji, you can share it directly in Messages. However We recommend saving the resulting image. in your gallery. A little fly: If you swipe your finger up you will find all the emojis you have created.


To share emojis in messages, follow these steps:

  • Create your emoji.
  • pops up Messages.
  • Click the button (+).
  • To join stickers.
  • Add your new emoji as a sticker.

You can add effects to your stickers with Messages

Additionally, you can open Photos and hold your finger over a sticker to directly use the “Add Sticker” function.


Garfield, are you going on vacation…?

What’s up

To share the emojis you created in Newji on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  • Create your emoji.
  • Save image in the pictures.
  • Then access the app Photos.
  • Press and hold your finger on the emoji.
  • Without falling, close up Photos with another finger.
  • Next open WhatsAppDon’t drop the emoji!
  • Now yes… drop emojis into any conversation you want.

The process of creating emojis is very simple and they can be shared on WhatsApp!

Once the process is complete, all the emojis you shared will be saved with this handy iOS trick. They will be automatically stored in WhatsApp like stickers. You’re welcome

Need help? In the video in this tweet, you can see how the process of creating stickers works in Messages and other apps.

Finally, it will be interesting to remember that WhatsApp plans to incorporate its own artificial intelligence service, which will allow automatic creation of stickers. Although the update is still in beta phase.

Source: i Padizate

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