Simple tips to make WhatsApp backups with Android mobiles and avoid having to pay for plans on Google Drive.

Backups made from WhatsApp will now take up space in the cloud, This was recently announced by Google, news that worried users of this social network, because the file hosting and synchronization service only offers 15 gigabytes of free storage.

Covering all this space, some consumers resort to paying monthly plans of 100 gigabytes, 200 gigabytes, one ‘terabyte’ and two ‘terabytes’; Even though it is not very expensive, there are those who do not want to undertake this. fee.

Therefore, we give you some tips to avoid headaches due to storage capacity. Google Drive for Android mobile phones.

The first thing to say, although it may sound alarming, WhatsApp backups don’t actually take up too much space. It is estimated that it will be only one gigabyte and several copies will not be made but existing copies will be rewritten.

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What you really need to pay attention to are photos, videos and documents because the larger it is, the more storage capacity it has. google drive they will need it.

To continue tone down multimedia content:

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If you want to delete the objects you have saved so far:

You can have backup Google accounts in case the 15 gigabytes of free storage runs out. To configure them, do the following:


Now your backups will be saved to this secondary account and if you need to restore to the same or a new device, make sure to add this account to recover your data.

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