While the Chinese 12x works with 15W charging, the India version will reportedly come with 45W support that will allow users to reach 50% battery charge in just 30 minutes. This could potentially make the 12x the fastest charging phone in its price range. The report also mentions reverse charging support, which will allow the phone to be used to power other devices wirelessly.

Another interesting feature expected in the Indian version is the dynamic button. This customizable button can be programmed to launch a variety of functions with one or two presses, such as activating Do Not Disturb, airplane mode, or opening the camera app.

Pricing is not yet known, but considering the starting price of the Realme 12 5G (around $200 in rupees), we can expect the 12x to be even more affordable, potentially dropping below $179. There is no official launch date yet.

Source: Ferra

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