‘Hackers’ discover new way to disable and steal information Apple brand mobile phones with open devices bluetooth.

Although the company manzana strives to provide safe and quality equipment, the truth is that they are not 100 percent safe from being tampered with and the user’s valuable information being lost in unscrupulous hands.


Pallet ZeroAlso called “‘hackers’ tamagotchi’” is a device that has gained immense popularity on TikTok and, in short, can interact with other tools such as: Smart TV, cars, garage doors, air conditioners, computers, mobile phonesamong many other technological devices.

Despite this small white object on the orange screen with a dolphin as the mascotSince it was created for legal purposes, is free to sell, and costs only 200 euros (about 865,226 Colombian pesos), criminals can easily obtain it.

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It is known that there are teams. Windows and Android They will also be affected; The most susceptible are the iPhone and other Apple products due to the vulnerability in all products launched by their systems after 2014. iOS.

The detail that will make them an easy target is that the operating system does not offer a complete disconnection from the system. bluetooth from the main part and many users began to believe that it no longer works, but the truth is that it goes to the background, which consumes less energy, but is alert to connect to other devices. manzana These are close.

TechnicalThe technological vulnerability researcher has published a video in which he shows how easy it is to access an iPhone handset by sending connection notifications with a device of the same brand, but in reality it is just an imitation of the iPhone. Pallet ZeroSo criminals start accessing these mobile phones.

Given this, here’s Techryptic’s advice: Turn off Bluetooth completely when not in use. The correct way is as follows.

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