The femicide of Michel Dayana González worries the whole country. Authorities are still searching for the alleged perpetrator.He is a former soldier and guard of a mechanical workshop who lives in the same area as the fifteen-year-old girl and has previously been charged with violent sexual assault.

recent images Security cameras recording the last moments By Michel González.

You can see the little boy walking towards a store where his father went to buy the food he wanted.

(Also: Michel’s father, Dayana González, says femicides have harassed him before).

The camera captured the moment the little boy left his home at 7:43pm on Thursday, December 7; Here, a few minutes later, he would be tricked by Harol Andrés Echeverry into entering the workshop, where he would be killed.

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Although in the footage you see the little boy walking towards the store where he will shop, The moment Michel Dayana entered the workshop was not recorded by any camera.

Workshop where the body of a fifteen-year-old girl was found On the street where he lives with his parents. four houses away.

However, the reason why Michel’s parents caused this situation was precisely because they did not see the little boy returning home on any cameras. They suspected something was up. He said that the main place where they would search would be the workshop, because they did not see him passing by on the way back.

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The child’s father, Genaro Valencia, stated that they did not know the alleged perpetrator of the femicide because he was not from the industry. However, after recent events, his eldest daughter admitted: The man had previously sexually harassed a 15-year-old girl.

The whereabouts of workshop attendant Harol Andrés Echeverry, who allegedly killed the fifteen-year-old girl, are unknown so far. Eyewitnesses in the industry claim to have seen him leaving on a motorbike.

Meanwhile, alarming femicides in Colombia continue to alarm authorities and social organizations. According to the Colombian Femicide Observatory, Between January 10 and October 2023, 443 women became victims of femicide in the country.

This means that Three women were being killed every two days for gender-related reasons.

If you have information about Harol Andrés EcheverryYou can contact the National Police tip lines at 314 360 6293 or 321 394 5156. [email protected] [email protected].

Santiago Andrés Venera Salazar
NATION Editorial

Source: Exame

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