Nairo Quintana He had an underwhelming 2023, with no team willing to open the door for him to compete in 2023. world Tourafter disqualification Tour de France 2022 Because tramadol, a substance banned in competitions, was found in two of the blood tests. International Cycling Union (UCI).

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His case was questioned by international cyclists and many turned their backs on him in his prime. HE Archaea SamsicThe team he signed for in 2019 suspended him after negative tests, decided not to extend his contract, which was confirmed at the Vuelta a España in 2022, and is why he remains ‘unemployed’.

However, at the end of this year, a light was opened for the return to the best races in the world, Movistar Team, with its champion squad. Vuelta a España 2016 and Giro d’Italia 2014, This opened the door for him to have a wonderful comeback experience.

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Eusebio Unzué, The president of the Iberian team once again extended a hand of friendship to Nairo Quintana, who signed a one-year contract to compete in 2024 and showed that he is not rusty and has the strength in his legs to fight for important things.

But it’s not all happiness for the cyclist born in Cómbita, Boyacá, the shadow of the negative outcome caused by tramadol continues to haunt him and he continues to be attacked mercilessly by certain sectors of the international cycling industry.

This time there were French Antoine Vayer, former team sports director FestinaHe directly attacked Nairo Quintana and his coffee brand, publishing a poisonous message through his social networks and without hiding.

“Quintana’s double-action supplement before your first winter outings. (More than two cups are not recommended)“those were explosive words VayerIt refers to Nairo’s coffee brand.

This isn’t the first attack you’ll receive, nor will it be the last. Nairo Quintana in the international cycling world. A few weeks ago, Thomas Decker, The former Dutch cyclist, who had a doping problem, made harsh criticism.

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“Why did you use tramadol? The only way it reaches the body is through the mouth (…) It bothers me a little, because there is a need to protect people in vulnerable situations, but no explanation is given here. Although cycling is much cleaner today, this is a warning. If he swallowed this, what else could he have swallowed?“, aforementioned.


Source: Exame

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