One of the major global traditions of the Christmas holiday is the exchange of gifts, an opportunity that participants use to show their appreciation and love for loved ones.


The company with the most used search engine on the internet has created Google Shopping, a tool Designed to find a product in online stores with just a few data descriptions.

To use Google’s new tool, users just need to write a short description about the product they are looking for or dreaming about; for example “Blue polyester jacket with yellow horizontal bands, buttons and embroidery.”

After the user writes the description, Google uses artificial intelligence create four clothing options that match what the user typed. If none of these work, the customer can try rephrasing the description or recreating the options.

When you like one of the created images, the program will use Google Lens. Search the database for similar garments that stores have posted on Google-affiliated websites and show the customer the most similar ones..

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It’s worth remembering that Google has already ventured into new technologies for virtual shopping, such as ‘Virtual Try-On’, where customers can see examples of how a garment looks on different body types.

Additionally, for those looking for the “star” of Christmas or just a gift for themselves, Google allows you to turn on the camera and try on the clothing via augmented reality.

Unfortunately not yet. According to ‘Wired’ technology portal and Google’s announcement, Early access to the tool is only available to users enrolled in the Search Generative Experience (SGE) program in the United States..

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However, the company assured that: They will enable this option for all countries very soonIn addition to facilitating the buyer’s experience, it is presented as a great opportunity for virtual businesses.


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