Mobile devices have more functions with each update, which makes them more present in every user’s life, used more, and therefore more vulnerable to damage.


Faced with this situation, many people doubt whether to repair the screen, replace the mobile phone or just leave it broken. The answer depends on different factors.

One of the first statements given by the Spanish portal ‘Information’ is as follows: No mobile phone manufacturer includes screen repair in device warrantyBecause it would be an exceptional case if it breaks due to a manufacturing error that has nothing to do with the user.

Moreover, The screen is one of the most expensive elements of a mobile phoneso this will never be economical to repair and if so it may come from a supplier of dubious origin who limits the features that give your device the value you paid for.

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That is why the technology portal ‘Digimob’ has launched an analysis of situations in which users need to replace the screen or mobile phone.

The first factor is the age of the mobile phone. If it is a new device and one of the newest devices on the market, repairing the screen will definitely be cheaper than replacing the mobile phone.. Having said that, the damages that require screen replacement are:

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The truth is that all screen problems can be fixed with a screen replacement. It is recommended to replace your mobile phone when any of the following conditions are met:


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