President Gustavo Petro issued a message defending his youngest daughter Antonella on Tuesday night, following a tweet from singer Marbelle.

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“Being a street person is not something to be stigmatized, but harassing and abusing a minor is an extremely ignorant act of mischief,” the president said.

He later stated: “It can be excused that some spectators at the football match in Barranquilla did not know that they were abusing an underage child, but here it is done with premeditation. My daughter has asked me to take legal action and on behalf of the institution of the child’s childhood. Colombia I must do this.”

And a picture in which Antonella appeared was copied in the artist’s publication. The first message reads: “I don’t see any street dwellers in this photo, what about you?” The singer’s response to this: “Just a…”.

The little boy is the only woman seen in the photo, taken at a Christmas luncheon at Casa de Nariño on December 24. The president was there with his youngest daughter, so the singer would reference her in his message.

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Astrid Eliana, director general of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, spoke on account X to express her support for the president.

“President, rely on the ICBF Colombia law firm for relevant matters,” the director wrote.

And he noted that the agency was already on the matter.

This is not the first time that measures have been announced against Marbelle for his messages towards government officials, or in this case, their families. Last year, Vice President Francia Márquez accused him of slander.

After the settlement hearing in August 2022, Marbelle retracted the remarks he had shared against Márquez. The singer’s message, in a conciliatory tone, was given around 10.30 the night he was summoned to the prosecutor’s shelter.

It’s called racism.”

Following this, the Colombian singer stated in the same title that he rejected racism and apologized to all Afro-Colombian communities he may have hurt with his harsh comments towards the vice president.

In that order of thought, Marbelle closed his message by saying, “I also cannot confirm that the vice president has any connection with the extinct FARC.”

Aura Saavedra

Source: Exame

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