What’s up It is one of the most used applications in the world and therefore it needs to be constantly updated and developed according to the needs of the users.

With the arrival of the new year, many changes are expected to come to instant messaging applications. What’s upAnd Here we present to you the 3 most important modifications that are estimated to be available by 2024.

Share statuses on Instagram

Recently, WhatsApp has included the ability to share statuses in the application and also send them to Facebook stories without having to switch social networks, and this function has also been tested with Instagram.

To enable this; The app will add a panel below the status with shortcut buttons to two Meta apps (Facebook and Instagram). and with this, users could choose where to share statuses.

dual image display

The possibility of limiting the viewing of a photo to only once is an alternative perfected during this period. 2023but this tool may change for this year. The idea is that users can allow a photo or video to be opened up to twice, expanding the possibilities of Internet users.

Chat organization

The order of the messages has not changed and they are presented in the order they arrived. The only way to customize this list is to pin a chat to the top.

However, WhatsApp is working on an update to add a filter that will allow you to better search for unread chats.

The purpose of this is to stop this new panel from showing chats in order of arrival and start sorting them by those that have no messages to read. Moreover, Several folders can be presented so that messages can be grouped according to their characteristics.

Source: Exame

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