What’s up continues to test new features for its users. So he decided to implement the new tools in beta on both Android and iOS devices. text format for chats.

In this way, those who are accustomed to using bold, italic, strikethrough and single-space will be able to add the text style. code blocks, quote blocks, numbered lists, and bulleted lists. Learn how you can use them.


According to a recent WhatsApp report, new WhatsApp beta update for Android devices It also brings new text formatting tools.

This is also available iOS beta version is the last application to release the application for devices with this operating system.

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According to the report, the app is testing new text formatting tools for Android and iOS users. very still There is no defined date for these formats to be added to stable versions. by WhatsApp.

This update targets a wide range of users by allowing them to convey information in a variety of formats, from shopping lists to complex technical details including codes and programming.

According to the information received from the portal Wa Beta InformationPeople with the beta version of WhatsApp will be able to use the new text formats as follows:

– Appointment block: To add a quote block, you must start and end the message with the ‘>’ symbol.
– Code block– Adding ”” before and after a sentence will turn your text into a block of code in the application.
– Bulleted lists: For bulleted lists, you need to use the ‘-‘ or ‘*’ symbol before the sentence to instantly create the unordered list.
– Numbered lists: You will need to type a specific number to start creating the sorted list. For example: ‘1.’ or ‘2.’.

One of the most notable benefits of these format options is the professionalism they bring to the platform. Users, including non-technical people, can now expressing complex information with greater precision and efficiency.

Nataly Barrera

Source: Exame

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