When it comes to the fashion mobile device industry, North American brand Apple has historically led the way. iPhone is a coveted item for many tech enthusiasts. But owning the latest iPhone always has major challenges: This is the fee.


Apple customers for several years Pick up your devices and return them as part of a new payment.

This strategy is useful for those who find it difficult to sell their mobile phone on their own, but the truth is that from an economic point of view the trade-in plan is not worth it, even more so considering the new prices announced by Apple.

The store has published on its official store a list of the maximum prices you will get as a customer if you replace your iPhone. These are:

(Interesting: Apple is preparing changes and soon it will be possible to install applications outside the App Store).

It is useful to remember this This maximum value will only be reached if the device is in excellent condition and has the highest storage capacity.. Taking these data into account, the value at which you will get a device in perfect condition, that is, like new, It’s about 50% of the value of the new one.

In Mac Center, it is called ‘Plan Retoma’ and the official website claims that they will give ‘Plan Retoma’.Up to $1,580,000 depending on the condition of your equipment”, this is probably the highest they give for equipment such as the iPad Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max.

(You may be interested: Apple may be working on an iPhone that can be used underwater).

The reason for this drop in prices is that Apple does not officially trade in devices, but instead uses parts from replaced phones and devices to refurbish second-hand equipment or perform internal repairs.

Therefore, if you are planning to replace your phone, we recommend that you look for alternatives to selling your phone elsewhere, for example to your acquaintances or close circle. Of course, you will not get the value you paid for the new one, However, you can try to get an amount exceeding 50%.


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