Apple and Samsung They have continued to remain in the race to become the company with the best reputation in the mobile phone industry by launching innovative models with the highest technological quality every year.

In September, the iPhone 15 family came to light with many new features. For example, technical developments and improvements for users, as well as a set of pastel colors for the most economical version.

But Samsung did not lag behind and a few days ago announced the arrival of Galaxy S24, The jewel in the South Korean company’s crown.

Price will always be a determining factor when making a purchasing decision, and here we present you the updated prices of these devices that are at the ‘top’ in the Colombian market.

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It is worth noting that there are several versions of this mobile phone, each with different features, but here we bring the price from the most expensive and more powerful to the one with the most basic premium functions.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S24 Ultra: $6,899,920.
SAMSUNG Galaxy S24+: $5,499,920.
SAMSUNG Galaxy S24: $4,499,920.

These values ​​are taken from the official website. SAMSUNG and corresponds to the pre-sale price.

The same thing happens here, there are several versions with different approaches and storage. Prices taken from iShopOne of the official distribution stores for the devices Apple in Colombia.

iPhone 15 Pro Max – 1TB: $9,399,000
iPhone 15 Pro Maximum – 512 GB: $8,199,000
iPhone 15 Pro Maximum – 256 GB: $6,999,000
iPhone 15 Pro – 1TB: $8,799,000
iPhone 15 Pro – 512 GB: $7,649,000
iPhone 15 Pro – 256 GB: $6,449,000
iPhone 15 Pro – 128 GB: $5,899,000
iPhone 15 Plus – 512 GB: $6,999,000
iPhone 15 – 256 GB: $5,099,000
iPhone 15 – 128 GB: $4,499,000

Source: Exame

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