case reports Robberies against people in BogotaThey don’t stop. Last week, it was revealed through social networks how thieves harass citizens at all hours of the day to steal their belongings. ‘Strike’ and threats with firearms They happened constantly.

EL TIEMPO learned firsthand how criminals, in addition to stealing cell phones, try to contact people with whom the victims constantly contact trying to defraud them and requesting transfers through platforms such as mobile wallets.

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A person was robbed this week and the criminals immediately tried to contact people they had active conversations with on WhatsApp. “Hi baby (sic). I need you a big favor but I’m sorry for bothering you,” one of the chats reads.

“I need to make a payment but I don’t have the dynamic key. Can you help me resolve the issue? This is to pay Nequi. I’ll get back to you at 2pm,” he continues. “There are 998,700” and add an ’emoji’ to get the conversation flowing.

Likewise, he wrote letters to unspecified people on the robbery victim’s list.

“To Nequi, this number: 3134679565” he insists. On the other hand, they say they will do it, but they are suspicious and do not do it. In Nequi, this number is registered in the name of Nan** Mor*** and they do this. It does not appear under another name in the phone registration applications. The criminal replies as follows after not receiving a response for a few minutes : “If suddenly (sic) Daviplata suits you better, tell me baby” and sends a gif of a bear waiting for him as a notification.

Then he insists again and gives another number. “Try it here. Nequi 3016465049“, they write to people. This number appears on Nequi under the name Ang** Nei** and appears on a phone registration application as “Fake Bill Scam”, with warnings from the community.

After a few minutes, the other party tells you that the transfer is not working and skips the conversation and blocks the person. Then they immediately answer: “Look, then this 3113677468Please o (sic).” This number on Nequi is not registered to any person and appears as “Karen Daza” on the phone registration application.

At another time, the thief writes the following message to another person: “Baby, I sent a transfer and they told me that when the dynamic key was blocked they also blocked my transaction, I hope (sic) you can do the big thing for me.” Please lend me the money to complete a single payment. I will definitely return everything to you at 14:00. It becomes 2,001,300. This is for the payment to be made to Nequi.”

Not getting an answer, the thief insists: “It would be better for you in Transfiya. What if she leaves you?” And use common stickers that the robbery victim normally uses in their conversations.

In another robbery known to EL TIEMPO, the criminals were 3188617962 Via Transfiya after stealing his mobile phone. This number appears to be registered to Sergio Andrés López Rojas on phone registration applications.

This week criminals robbed a well-known restaurant north of Bogota. The men threatened customers with firearms, robbed them, intimidated them, and took their belongings.

On this issue, Mayor Carlos Fernando Galán said: “If criminals enter a place and rob all the customers, it is because they believe that they will not be caught. We will eliminate this situation by working with the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office. Explain to them that this is not the case and we will catch them.”

And he added: “Everyone should be able to eat and drink coffee in peace in Bogotá.”

If you have been the victim of theft and want to tell your story, write to [email protected].


Source: Exame

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