The Apple company once again reminded iPhone users of the dangers they may be exposed to if they charge the device while sleeping and leave it next to their bed.

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In fact, according to a study by The NPD Group, in the United States alone, at least 64% of people prefer to charge their cell phones overnight. 33% avoid charging in this range to avoid battery damage.

However, beyond the disadvantages that this application can create on the device, there are also risks to the physical integrity of the device owners. Aware of this, the technology giant has published the ‘important security information for iPhone’ guide after the operating system iOS 16 update.

Apple asks you to avoid prolonged skin contact with the cables when you connect the mobile phone to charge, as it “could cause discomfort or injury”.

At this point, encourages users to “use common sense” “To prevent your skin from coming into contact with a device, power adapter, or wireless charger while it is working or connected to a power source for an extended period of time.”

(Also: ‘Standby’ is the new function when you charge the iPhone).

Moreover If you fall asleep while the device is charging and place the device under a blanket, blanket, pillow, or your body, you may be exposed to prolonged heat.. Indicator on: don’t do it.

“Keep iPhone, power adapter, and any wireless charger in a well-ventilated area during use or charging. Be extra careful, especially if you have a physical condition that prevents you from sensing body heat.” .

If you don’t buy an official Apple charger, The company recommends being wary of third-party chargers and verifying that they meet safety requirements.

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“Other adapters may not meet applicable safety standards and their use to charge iPhone may present a risk of injury or death,” they added.

Also, double-check if the cable or charger is damaged, and do not charge iPhone in high humidity conditions, as this may result in fire, electric shock, injury, or damage.

If you have a wireless charger, remove the metal covers from the iPhone and do not leave metal objects such as keys, coins, batteries, or jewelry on the charger as they may interfere with operation.

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Source: Exame

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