Cell phones are tools is of vital importance to today’s society.

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For many years, the main function of mobile phones has ceased to be making calls. Now these devices, along with computers, cameras, calculators, flashlights, credit cards, and many other functions, make owning a cell phone practically a necessity for engaging in social dynamics.

Now one of the main concerns of mobile device users Battery. Although newly purchased phones can stay charged for a day or two, it is noteworthy that the charge lasts less and less as time goes by.

This is natural, The battery in any mobile phone wears out over time, because they were designed that way. In fact, most smartphones have an option in their settings to control the lifespan or maximum capacity of their batteries.

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But, There are ways to maintain the battery and stop the aging processand these have to do with users’ charging habits.

Answer is noand leaving your mobile phone connected all night is especially harmful. It turns out that battery aging is especially high at high and low voltages. Below 20 percent and above 80 percent.

This applies not only to mobile phones, but also, for example, laptops or other devices that use lithium batteries. Leaving it plugged in keeps the voltage above 80% for long periods of time and overuses it.

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Like this, We recommend that you disconnect your mobile phone when it reaches 80%.and only use up to 100% if you will be away from home for long periods of time. Also try connecting it when it reaches 20% and don’t let it drain completely to charge it.


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