In a statement released this Saturday night, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the statements of Argentine President Javier MileiAgainst President Gustavo Petro.

The Argentine president gave the following assurance in an interview with NTN24 media: President Gustavo Petro “Screwing the Colombians”“This is a deadly plague for Colombians.”

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His words came in the middle of the Political Conference of the Forces of the Right. Washington

In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted: “The Government of the Republic of Colombia rejects in the strongest and most energetic way the irresponsible statements of the President of the Argentine Republic, Javier Milei.while referring to the president of the Republic of Colombia in the framework of an interview with NTN24 media.”

(Also: Petro called for the implementation of a prevention model in Government-controlled EPS).

The Ministry also states the following in the statement: “Colombia rejects these disrespectful statements, which have been made repeatedly and damage the historical ties of friendship between the two countries. and constitutes an attack on the dignity of the President of the Republic of Colombia, democratically elected by the Colombian people.”

A few months ago, President Javier Milei had already claimed of his Colombian namesake that he was a “murderous communist”.

At the time, his remarks were also rejected by the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The government said in its statement that what the Argentinian president said “It attacks the dignity of the democratically and legitimately elected president.”.

On the other hand, he pointed out that Milei’s statement was ignored and violated. “The deep bonds of friendship, understanding and cooperation that have historically united Colombia and Argentina, and this was reinforced over the course of two centuries.”


Source: Exame

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