Nvidia’s annual report, released Wednesday, officially listed Huawei as a competitor in four of its five major business categories. These areas include the supply of software and hardware for graphics processing units (GPUs), which are critical to the development of artificial intelligence.

Huawei’s recent launch of the Mate 60 Pro smartphone equipped with advanced chips has raised questions about the company’s ability to produce such components despite restrictions on access to 5G technologies in the United States. The event marked a major turning point for China in its ongoing technology rivalry with the United States, where both countries are vying for supremacy in the semiconductor industry.

Caught in the crossfire of tensions between the US and China, Nvidia has expressed concerns about the possible impact on its business. The company acknowledges the damage caused by current restrictions on its operations in China and says it expects further negative consequences if the United States tightens export controls. Nvidia fears a complete loss of access to the Chinese market and the potential impact of these bans on other regions.

Source: Ferra

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