Fatal accident too Road loop between Floridablanca and Girón, remained lifeless Shelsey Daniela Nougues Guerrero, Just a 20-year-old woman barbecuing on a high-displacement motorcycle. The person driving the motorcycle was his brother and although he survived, his condition is serious.

(You can read: She is Shelsey Daniela, model and young college student who died in a tragic accident).

As for the details of the accident, videos on social networks showed that young people had a serious accident. It crashed into the back of a taxi and the motorcycle rolled for meters.

No detailed information has been given yet about the accident. According to the police report, the motorcycle driver, the victim’s brother, lost control of the vehicle, causing the car to crash hard.

(Read: Model and young college student Shelsey Daniela killed in tragic accident)

“Where is the motorcycle driver? He lost control and crashed into a taxi-type vehicle coming from behind and lost his life. the product of his multiple visible wounds. “On the other hand, the driver of the vehicle was not harmed.”

20 year old girl He was studying industrial engineering at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Piedecuesta.

Floridablanca’s traffic manager Rafael Marín explained the hypotheses as follows: “The taxi was trying to pass through the intersection and jump off the road. The first version is the facts reported by eyewitnesses, the prosecutor’s office must explain this, it must be determined.”

young woman originally According to Zapatoca (Santander) and her social networks, she was also a model.

Additionally, in her spare time, she made her debut as a model and engaged in entrepreneurship in beauty matters, as stated on her social networks.

Shelsey Daniela shows on her Instagram account that she is a motorcycle enthusiast, just like her brother Arturo, who is stuck between life and death.

In one of the videos published by the victim, he reveals how much he loves maneuvering the motorcycle he rides with his brother.

Shelsey Daniela’s mother asked for prayers through her social networks for her other son, Arturo, whose health condition was fragile after the accident and his prognosis was limited.

Regarding the hypotheses regarding the accident and the incident, the authorities stated that the case was being handled by the Prosecutor’s Office based on the testimony of eyewitnesses. The taxi driver would have made a prohibited passing maneuver.

UPB, the university she attended, was near the end of Shelsey Daniela’s fate.

“The university community is in mourning”We mourn the passing of Shersey Daniela Nougues “We extend our condolences to Guerrero and his family and friends.”

Melissa Múnera Zambrano
EL TIEMPO correspondent – Bucaramanga.

Source: Exame

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