AT an invitation to hell, Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) doesn’t know where she belongs. After the death of her mother, she lost her orientation and sense of identity. Confused, she discovers that her family’s history is more complicated than it looks, and not as simple as a mystery miles away. Like many other horror movie characters, he decides to start looking for the answer to this riddle around him.

The premise is the most recent reimagining of the usual gothic story. Even the fact that he represents his heroine as a stranger among equals. Also, add some political commentary about his feminine nature. Evie is not a victim, and she is not destined to be one. In fact, he has every intention of understanding her story, though it seems to come at a price.

The heroine alone with her fears

Evie is American and needs to travel to sophisticated Europe in search of any trace of her family. But even in this modern version of a possible victim lying in wait for a monster, there is a double reading. The journey is not only physical, but also emotional. The character encounters shadows – his own and external – but it will take time to delve into them and their meaning.

Moreover, on the other side of the Atlantic, some old, perverted threat awaits him. The film raises the idea of ​​the horrifying from the inevitable. All signs point to the impossible and unbelievable, what makes an invitation to hellWith night of terror Tom Holland. Both share the thread of the monstrous in the everyday heart.

But the vampire classic of the eighties created the notion that a comic book monster existed. Thompson’s output does it from a threat. Evie is in danger, and this is a real danger to life. Even worse: he could not only die, but also go through some kind of pitch darkness, from which he could not return.

Castles, mists and pale faces in the midst of fear

an invitation to hell It has a precious and well-constructed aesthetic that gradually affects its atmosphere. He achieves this through the use of light and shadow, attention to detail, and a generous eye for architecture. Once Evie leaves America, the world around her becomes the epitome of luxury. Europe, depicted by the director, has a kind of languid and nostalgic look. But also a pronounced sinister character. Something is about to happen, he seems to offer long shots that look out onto empty streets or rooms with classic decor.

A dangerous and, undoubtedly, supernatural circumstance awaits the hero. One of the highest elements of a feature film is that spaces such as Relic: Cursed Legacy Natalie Erica James, atmosphere is everything. It is built step by step, as if the Austrian director wanted to express Evy’s transition from light to eternal darkness.

Sequences in an invitation to hell they lengthen into a serene silence that becomes uncomfortable. To casual observers, it could just be the character’s paranoia. They are? But the plot is not obvious in which direction it is going, so it takes time to build tension.

an invitation to hell this is a review of the vampire genre that makes the right decisions

Evie, who doesn’t have a clear idea of ​​what she will find in her mother’s history, finds herself more isolated than ever. Marginalized from the start, and later, at the mysterious discretion of unknown relatives, she heads for the core of the threat. To get there, you have to go through the deep connotation of loss. As he deepens into the continent, the young woman who was in America disappears.

When Evie receives an invitation from an unknown relative, the rhythm of the argument an invitation to hell it’s accelerating. In the meantime, the confused orphan wanders from one place to another in search of answers. But it is only in England that the film acquires greater fullness, and its construction as a genre story becomes more obvious.

It’s funny how Thompson uses small details to announce danger. One of the highest points in an invitation to hell it should be clear that his legacy is that of gothic cinema. Tributes are present throughout the episodes and are carried out with the skillful use of visual symbols. Evie, standing at the crossroads of city roads, seems to be in danger. This is so and soon the script will reveal its secrets.

The camera pans across London with a view of the wonder of a man discovering beauty. But at the center of the majestic buildings and beyond, in the mysterious castle, an old threat lurks. As unknown as it is unpredictable. In the end, the predator is about to pounce on the unsuspecting prey.

an invitation to hell

Vampires return to screens with elegance and good taste

By the time the monsters show up an invitation to hell lost most of the air it contained. Its third part – the weakest and closer to the finale, when Evie must fight the danger – is the most predictable. Perhaps it’s because, on the contrary, the film retained its visual and narrative density long enough to impress. Having lost both, it becomes a mere image of what could be. However, he decides on some bold decisions that allow the script to still harbor some surprises.

In particular, it is appreciated that it deepens the monster theme in a modern way. He shows vampires as sophisticated predators, but at the same time beings with a certain dark sensibility. The combination allows the mythology associated with the monster to become richer. Not for that bland, sweetened, or romantic at best. Creatures that inhabit the room an invitation to hell they want to kill. They will be with a brilliant portrait of hunger, desire and violence.

The concept is more reasonable, less obvious and elegant than many other recent ones. closest to only lovers survive by Jim Jarmusch and with explicit references to Dracula by Bram Stoker (Francis Ford Coppola) an invitation to hell think about innocence. Also, because darkness is part of the perception of what a person can be. Evy could be both a postmodern Mina Murray and a curious version of Jonathan Harker. Between the one and the other, the film strikes a balance and lends its character a curious strength.

The predictable ending completely upsets the sustained balance of the script. But despite his lackluster last scenes, an invitation to hell continues to be a great evolution on the path of horror contemplation. An exquisite addition to the genre that is sure to find its rightful place in the long mythology of ever-growing cinema that pays homage to vampires.

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