A few days ago story A woman living on the street who claims to have acted as an actress in the novel ‘Fathers and children’ but unfortunately drugs caused him to lose everything.

This fact was uploaded to the creator’s Facebook profile Nicole DiazIt was seen that the young woman wanted to help him. He was taking her to a rehab center, but she didn’t want to continue treatment.

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In one of the videos Nicole Diazyou heard him say Maria del Pilar MontoyaKnown as ‘Mariluna’, introduced many years ago He made a mistake after saying only his first name and not his last name in an interview; This caused him to be confused with another actor with the same name who starred in the TV series ‘Fathers and Children’.

About Maria del Pilar CardenasHe became famous in the early ’90s for starring in the novel ‘harbor love‘.

Thanks to the video of Nicole Díaz, an interview dated June 11, 2023 for the gossip program ‘La red’ was remembered. Cárdenas talked about the incident that affected his life and decided to file a lawsuit.

According to the actress, she once received a message via Messenger telling her they were. He was mistaking her for a street dweller, but she didn’t pay attention to that.

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Months later, his relatives showed him the video and that’s when he realized the seriousness of the situation.

I am the stupidest and most carroty man alive, but in general, those who know me know that I am not a social person and the real (…) media on television has overwhelmed me in this sense. I never thought I would be strong on drugs, alcohol and rumba but I never dreamed, I love dancing, I’m a good dancer but I drink zero..

I always say that I have gasoline in my blood, I don’t need it, I don’t like it, it doesn’t attract me. I think it’s stupid to depend on alcohol or drugs to have a happy time.“said María del Pilar Cárdenas about ‘La red’.

Seeing the popularity of the video, the actress decided to take legal action against the person who started the fake news but at that time she had no idea who he was.

I don’t know who could hate me so much or, as my son says, ‘love’ me this much, that they could do it with anger. There is no shortage of enemies and in this country people die not from cancer but from jealousy” he expressed.

And he added: “I forgive whoever did this, but there is a legal procedure for this and I will not stop it because we have to get used to it in Colombia. You have to pay for the evil you have done. I will go to the final legal consequences“.

After the interview, nothing was heard about the matter again: Since María del Pilar is not very active on social networks, is it known who leaked the false information or to what legal extent it reached?



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