HE Apple Watch It is a device that the company created to bring iOS services and functions even closer.

In their fourth version and later they have the following functionality: detects that the user is experiencing a strong decline, while wearing.

This gives you a tap on your wrist, an alarm sound, and an alert.

The user has the option to choose between calling emergency services or ignoring the message by pressing the ‘Digital Crown’ and I close the ‘I’m fine’ message that will appear in the upper left corner.

If your watch detects no movement, it will wait for you to respond to the alert message, if you do not respond it will wait 30 seconds and call emergency when finished.

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To activate this service, according to the official Apple portal, you need to do the following:

What Apple recommends is that you always enter your real data in the Health app and have your real age appear in the medical records and Health profile.

Likewise, the ‘Fall Detection’ option is only valid for people over 18 years of age and sometimes watch may misinterpret high-impact activity as decline and enable fall detection.

In health records, medical services will find your blood type, age if you have allergies, weight and height.

You also need to configure the emergency contact who will receive a message with your location.

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Therefore, it is important to have all of this data on your iPhone in case you need and require this functionality to be enabled at some point.


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