Apple removes iGBA emulator due to spam and copyright issues

The first iPhone emulator in the history of the App Store only lasted 24 hours. Spam and Copyright issues

Apple removes iGBA emulator from App Store

It just so happened that the first iPhone emulator in the history of the App Store managed to become a success in less than 24 hours and #1 in downloads in many countries but disappears from Apple app store. As it is known, it was caused by Spam and Copyright problems.

Apple removes Game Boy iGBA emulator from App Store For violating the Spam Submission Review Guidelines (section 4.3) and copyright (section 5.2). Although no more specific information is given.

iGBA emulator for iPhone

iGBA is the first official emulator for the iPhone and Apple had to remove it from the App Store

iGBA was a clone of GBA4iOS

Shortly after the iGBA emulator arrived on the App Store, developer Riley Testut stated that he was very disappointed with Apple as an emulator. It was a clone of popular GBA4iOS emulators. So it is likely that this is the Copyright reason Apple used to eliminate iGBA.

It looks like Apple has approved a knockoff version of GBA4iOS, Delta’s predecessor from high school, on the App Store. I never gave anyone permission to do this, but now it’s at the top of the charts (even though it’s full of ads and views)

I’ve bit my tongue a lot in the last month… but this is really pissing me off. I’m glad App Review exists to protect consumers from such scams and scams 🙄

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5.2 of the Application Review Guide. In the section, we find a passage explicitly concerned with intellectual property:

Make sure your app only contains content that you created or have licensed to use. If you cross the line and use content without permission, your app may be removed. Of course, this also means that if someone else’s app “borrows” your work, it can be deleted.

Although this doesn’t seem to have worked from the beginning, it might make some sense since Apple doesn’t know if iGBA is copying GBA4iOS or not, it seems Following the complaint, the company took swift action. Riley Testut complained that iGBA was an ad-supported clone of GBA4iOS and in less than 24 hours the emulator was no longer available for download.

Apple changed the rules of the App Store to allow the entry of retro console emulators, and iGBA was the first to arrive, but we now know it arrived so quickly because it was basically a clone of one of the most popular emulators. In fact, the new version of GBA4iOS is called Delta and Apple has already approved it as an app. available on alternative app store AltStore.

If you downloaded iGBA on your iPhone, the emulator will remain on your iPhone until you delete it so you can continue using it.but it is no longer available for download from the App Store. We don’t know what spam regulations it violates, so you may still see a lot of ads when using it. When another emulator comes along, it will definitely be better to download another emulator that does not have iGBA issue.

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