The second iPhone emulator on the App Store took less time than the first

The curse of iPhone emulators?

Another emulator disappears from the App Store

Apple made the decision to approve iPhone emulators access to the App Store a few days ago, and it didn’t take long for the first creations to appear. But it seems that iOS emulators have a curse, a magic spell that makes them disappear in an instant, before the astonished gaze of iPhone users.

The first emulator to officially hit the App Store was iGBA: GBA & GBC Retro Emulator, but it only lasted 24 hours on the store. Apple decided to eliminate the iGBA emulator because it was an illegal copy, as the company itself explained a day later.

Update: A new iPhone emulator called AD Boy, featuring GameBoy and SEGA Master System games, has been released on the App Store.

It wasn’t long before the second emulator in history for the iPhone appeared on the App Store. Her name Bimmy NES Emulator And… yes, we say “was” because he disappeared too. No longer available. What’s going on? Are there a curse on iPhone emulators?

iPhone’s new emulator, Bimmy NES Emulator, has also been removed from the App Store

New emulator for iPhone comes to App Store 0.99 euro but interestingly, like iGBA a few days ago, it has been removed from the Apple app store.

Following its removal, it was initially thought that the disappearance of this iPhone emulator was a result of a violation of the App Store’s terms regarding the use of “NES” (Nintendo Entertainment System) in its title. But the truth is that Bimmy NES Emulator was not eliminated by Apple, on the contrary removed by its developer.

Tom SalvoThe developer of the Bimmy NES System stated that he “removed the app from the App Store out of fear” and that no one had contacted him to have the emulator removed from the platform.

Bimmy NES Emulator offered access to a large catalog of retro Nintendo games, including ROMs of Super Mario Bros., Castlevania and other games.

While there are two emulators that have disappeared from the App Store despite being official, let’s not forget that it is possible to install emulators for iPhone and iPad by other methods to enjoy the great classics of Super Mario, Zelda or Pokémon with one touch. screen. We’ll see if the next iPhone emulators last a little longer!

Source: i Padizate

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