A new GameBoy emulator for iPhone is coming to the App Store

There’s a new emulator for iPhone on the App Store that can emulate GBA, GBC, GB, NES and SMS consoles

A new GameBoy emulator for iPhone is on the App Store

A few days ago Apple announced a rule change allowing emulators to come to the iPhone App Store. After the controversy with iGBA, the first emulator in the history of the App Store, and the short stay of the second emulator in the store, we now have a new option is available for iPhone.

This The new GameBoy emulator for iPhone is now available on the App Store and is called AD Boy – Emulator. This second emulator works similarly to the first, allowing you to use ROMs we downloaded from the different consoles it emulates.

AD Boy – Emulator, a new emulator for iPhone

It’s normal for emulators to start arriving in droves on the App Store after Apple’s announcement, and after the first two fiascos, We’ll see if AD Boy – Emulator lasts longer on the app store. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward emulator with some interesting options.

AD Boy – Emulator claims to emulate GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, NES and Sega Master System games. It also claims to be a privacy-conscious emulator, so it processes all files locally without putting any load on the servers. It has an intuitive interface and allows you to change the design of the buttons with various skins.

Meet AD Boy, your all-in-one emulator to relive the golden age of gaming! With support for GBA, GBC, GB, NES and SMS, AD Boy unlocks a treasure trove of classic games right on your device.

Screenshots of AD - Emulator

AD – Emulator is the new iPhone emulator available on the App Store

As we always say, the real problem with emulators is not the emulators themselves. So it’s not illegal to emulate retro games, It’s illegal to download copies of games you don’t own. This is something that the developer of AD Boy – Emulator himself warned about:

It is important to note that AD Boy should only be used with legally obtained game files. We do not approve or support piracy in any way. Rest assured, AD Boy operates independently and has no affiliation with console manufacturers.

HE The emulator is quite simple and easy to use. As soon as you open it, you have the option to install a game, access the games you have in the Files app, launch this game you installed, or access the settings. In the settings, we have options such as activating dark mode or full screen view and logging in. cheat codeschoose skin, language or load backup copies.

Source: i Padizate

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