This Dyson iPhone app will show you what you need to vacuum in real time

The manufacturer has developed a very useful application to know which gaps you need to clean

Dyson CleanTrace, promotional images

How many times has it happened to you that you spend hours cleaning your entire house and then realize, exhausted after all that effort? There’s only one corner left to clean. Or the dust-filled frame surrounding the chair legs. Ahh… that’s hateful, isn’t it? Okay then, this may be over very soon.

In a world where the space age has begun and we are witnessing the second boom With the development of generative artificial intelligence and the availability of many electronic devices as amazing as smart locks, one of the latest developments may not surprise you. augmented reality related to Dyson in the technology industry.

Dyson, the popular technology products company designed for the home, announced its launch a new iPhone app This will take your house cleaning to the next level.

Dyson CleanTrace: The app that will show you which areas you haven’t cleaned

Sweeping is easy, a little here, a little there… Very easy. It’s almost easier than emptying the collected dust into the trash. But the real challenge is to sweep and not leave any gaps you didn’t sweep.

The human mind is amazing and can calibrate and keep track of which areas you have previously cleared through our vision. With complete precision. Again, There may be an area that we don’t always vacuum.. In fact, it is normal for this to happen.

Luckily, Dyson’s new augmented reality app is designed to prevent this from happening again. Dyson CleanTraceAs the name suggests, it shows the traces you sweep on the iPhone screen and highlights them with colors.

The Dyson app is based on: LiDAR technology and is designed to work in vacuum cleaners across the range. Gen5Detect. The mechanics are as simple as you can imagine, you plug your iPhone into the vacuum cleaner wand and voila!, the vacuum cleaner will take off from there a trace of color in all those places you cleaned Or rather, it sucked.

In this way, you will always know which areas in your home need to be cleaned, thanks to the Dyson CleanTrace app. A store app Dyson Demo HE It will be on the market from June.


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It reminded us a lot of the VisionOS app for Apple Vision Pro A photo that went viral on social networks and was designed to leave a mark on the cleared areas. It’s great that technology takes such good care of us!

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