A resident of Skolkovo, the Biolaboratory company, began using the black soldier fly in the baking industry. This is reported by Skólkovo on his Zen channel.

“This is normal and even healthy”: a resident of Skolkovo learned to bake bread from flies

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The company breeds flies at a company in the Arkhangelsk region. A few grams of lean insect protein are added to 1 kg of flour; As a result, it is possible to double the ripening process of yeast and yeast-free dough, and the shelf life of bread is also increased.

“If bread is not cut, it will not spoil or become stale within 5 to 7 days,” says Skolkovo.

The founder of the Biolaboratory, Gennady Ivanov, began studying the beneficial properties of the black soldier fly in 2015, after doctors diagnosed the businessman with a hip replacement.

“I rejected [от замены суставов] and decided to analyze in which regions of the world people are less likely to suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system and what they include in their diet. It turned out that what I need is this tropical fly with a nice name,” Ivanov said.

A few years later, the pain when walking decreased significantly and the fluid in the joints began to recover, the businessman added.

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The market for functional products based on insect proteins in Russia has not yet been fully formed. An innovative company recognizes that it is necessary to overcome psychological barriers between consumers.

“Getting used to the idea that this is normal and even useful should happen gradually. And when people feel the effect of this fly in their daily lives, they will notice that they get sick less often and will be much calmer about insects in medicine and food,” Ivanov concluded.


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